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    But for many elections now, Democrats have also refused to give specifics. For example, my Rep always says he can't commit because he has to retain his freedom of action to get the best deal he can under the circumstances. In practice this has meant giving in to what the leadership and the President want to do. Well, this year I'm pretty sure the President wants to do a "grand bargain." I don't want to see him do one. I want him to refuse categorically to cut any of the safety net also to recognize that the deficit/debt is a false problem, as we've pointed out many times here at DailyKos's Money and  Public Purpose blog. So, naturally I want my Rep. Jim Moran, to be bound by the commitments made in these promises. I'd also like Tim Kaine to be bound by them as well, because he's a Grand Bargain folder if there ever was one. Better than George Allen, of course. But still not good for SS and Medicare.

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