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View Diary: Jill Biden's 'Double Entendre' Introduction Cracks Up Crowd/Joe/Herself (154 comments)

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  •  I hate to say this (3+ / 0-)
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    But while Mitt really does appear to be a selfish, self-centered jerk, this one video is from the annual Boston St. Patrick's Day breakfast, where pols are supposed to do a stand-up routine, typically with a lot of self-referential stuff (it's mandatory for anyone who hopes to have any cooperation at all from the Irish bloc of the city's political movers & shakers).

    In the context of the event, this particular type of joke is not unusual, and at the time it was considered funny.

    I still personally feel Romney is an empty suit with a heart full of greed, but having watched this particular event nearly every year since they started televising it, I know the context and can't read it as anything but a silly end to a lackluster standup routine.

    BTW - if you get the chance to see it, much of Boston's Irish political class has a razor sharp wit. It's one of the best free TV comedy shows you can catch, if you're looking for topical political humor - though there is often a bunch of inside pool.

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