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View Diary: They Want to Destroy Social Security (circa 1935) (32 comments)

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  •  It's a general dislike of helping out others (3+ / 0-)
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    Helping prey out of the clutches of predators gives Republicans a sad.

    The Hate Us For Our Four Freedoms

    Never Come Between the Nazgul and his Prey

    Heh. A Lord of the Rings Line. One of my faves. I just had to go there.

    It also captures why Republicans dislike anything that helps victims: Because they're victims. That's their role in the food chain. Fewer incidence of victims = fewer victims = less profits = we're hungry and have a sad.

    Anyway...What did Republicans have to say about the shift of Democrats into the amelioration of victimhood game?

    Oh, plenty.

    "How effing dare those liberal Democrats attempt such a thing!" Cried our right-wing brethren. "They're looking to lock in entire blocs of dependent voters! What. The. Hell?"

    Democrats looked at one another in shock. "We're doing this for every American, left and right alike," we tried to explain.  

    The volume just went up tenfold after that. "That's even worse! You're trying to lock OUR voters into dependency to you, too! You're taking away our freedoms!"

    At that point, our party just went slack-jawed in amazement. Mistaking astonishment for weakness, misreading that their wild accusation had struck home, the Republicans ran with it...and they've yet to stop decrying villainy in every single thing, great or small, that Democrats do.

    Dems want to preserve Medicare? BAD. Dems want to negotiate on changes to Medicare? WORSE. They want to drag out a failed system. Dems sigh and say, fine, let's talk reforms. CALUMNY! Dems want to sell out Granny, and lie and say Republicans do so!

    It's so hard to track the shifts, unless you step back and see one thing drives all of the above - and it's not just the Mao strategy of always blocking what your enemy wants, always pushing what he does not. There is a fundamental goal in play: Roll back the 80-year Democratic program of reducing victimhood. To repeal the New Deal.

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