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View Diary: Tea Party group sees 30,000 Dead Voters in North Carolina (A Maddow segment) (58 comments)

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  •  Detroit absentee ballots are very secure. (5+ / 0-)

    In Detroit, months before every election, I am automatically sent a Request for Absentee Ballot which I must sign and return.

    Then I receive my absentee ballot by mail about a month before election day. It arrives a 6 x 11 inch yellow envelope with 14-point black and red text, clearly marked as a ballot. It clearly states the penalty for committing fraud with the ballot. $10,000!

    In addition, only certain people are allowed to even touch the ballot on its way to the mailbox: A spouse, a child, or a sibling. No one else is allowed to touch the sealed envelope!

    You are not allowed to tell people how to vote or to fill out the form for them.

    The ballots are tucked into envelopes so that privacy can be maintained, but you have to sign the outside of the envelope and declare that you are not committing fraud.

    If the board of elections found out later that a voter had died before an election, the person who used that ballot would be in serious trouble.

    The dead do not vote in Detroit.

    •  Detroit's deceased voters are very honest people (3+ / 0-)
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      hungrycoyote, CherryTheTart, Smoh

      That's very clear.

      I vote by absentee ballot. Same precautions on my ballot. I don't see any way for someone to impersonate me through a change of address, so unless someone steals it from the mailbox, there is no way to get my ballot.

      The risks of someone voting the ballot illegally are miniscule.

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