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View Diary: Dark Secret in Romney's Missing Tax Files: "Amnesty" from Prison for Top-1% Tax Cheats? (137 comments)

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  •  Here's why this ? isn't viral or in MSM (1+ / 0-)
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    Many people were convinced by my theory & strategic logic of forcing Romney to clearly answer question whether he used the "amnesty" program to re-patriate illegal, foreign accounts to avoid risk of prosecution/prison/publicity & paid the penalties for privacy, I hypothesize reveal many years of tax evasion. Some suggested need to make this go viral & get moderator & media to demand answer, expressing bafflement that they hadn't already been hounding him for this.

    Here's trivial media reporting we get about presidential candidates from 9/23/12 NYT, "Obama and Romney Offer a Possible Preview of Their First Debate," By JOHN M. BRODER

    Here's passge from article from our non-adversarial, propagandistic media focusing on trivial living habits:

    Both men said their workdays ended around 10 p.m., though they described their late-night routines somewhat differently. Mr. Obama said that after his wife and daughters went to sleep, he would spend several hours reading and writing. Sometimes, he said, he would repair to the Truman Balcony and gaze out over the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial.

    “And so,” the president said, “those are moments of reflection that, you know, help gird you for the next challenge and the next day.”

    Mr. Romney said he would end the day with a conversation with his wife, Ann, and then read and plan the next day.

    After that, he said, “I pray. Prayer is a time to connect with the divine, but also time, I’m sure, to concentrate one’s thoughts, to meditate and to imagine what might be.”

    “What do you ask for?” the CBS correspondent Scott Pelley inquired.

    “That’s between me and God,” Mr. Romney replied with a laugh. “But mostly wisdom and understanding. I seek to understand things I don’t understand.”

    I guess the media's goal is to convince us what great, human beings we get to choose from, both of them who talk to their wives and reflect on stuff.

    I came up w/ potential election changing theory/question in a few minutes in my spare time, based upon superficial reading of headlines, just to illustrate how one could use scientific thinking to hone in on crucial questions, hypotheses & focus inquiry on critical pressure points, and this full-time paid journalists do little more than describe irrelevant crap that have nothing to do w/ election. This is propagandistic charade to entertain & distract.  

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