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View Diary: Dark Secret in Romney's Missing Tax Files: "Amnesty" from Prison for Top-1% Tax Cheats? (137 comments)

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  •  Sorry to be so late on this but 1) Why has this (1+ / 0-)
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    Christopher Tucker

    topic dropped off the table so to speak and is never mentioned anymore and 2) I anonymity for the tax felon also part of this amnesty deal.

    Are we expected to live with 5000 pardoned felons for the rest of our lives while they pass themselves off as hard working, God Fearing Christians instead of some of the rottenest people on the earth?

    •  Why does so-called "free press" routinely fail (0+ / 0-)

      to ask important, tough questions, or report major stories/facts, critical to our democracy?

      Forgetting the specifics here, you ask one of the most important, glaring- but ignored- questions of our time: why are important questions & objective truths suppressed & "disappear" from public discourse (if they ever got there).

      See my most recent diary/blog for even more important deafening silence (likely GOP cyber-theft of election) & my strategy to deter such an attack for DEMS, media & anyone who geniunely wants the election results to be valid...not stolen...again deafening silence w/o anyone debunking my claim.

      Guess we should just sit back & watch the equivalent of an All-Star wrestling match.


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