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View Diary: Psychiatry – Our Country Is Run By Crazy People (105 comments)

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  •  I'm invested (0+ / 0-)

    About as much as anyone.

    I have two siblings who have been hospitalized numerous times for psychiatric reasons.

    I have taken almost every psychopharmacoogical medication existent, all the most promising therapies, and had ECT, I don't know how many times. None were of any help to me.

    I am aware that this diary is not consistent with commonly accepted theory and practice. I consider that to be an asset.

    It seems painfully obvious to me that the matter is one of biochemical genetics. Until we can unravel that, we are trying to use a hammer to fix a watch.

    GOP: Bankers, billionaires, suckers, and dupes.

    by gzodik on Sun Sep 23, 2012 at 10:24:26 PM PDT

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    •  gzodik: (3+ / 0-)

      There's probably a genetic aspect to psychological disorders.
      I'm certain there's an environmental aspect - and that can be the atmosphere in the home, or exposure to an organic or inorganic compound.  Likely both.
      Single addicted parent, violence in the neighborhood, violence in the home, unmitigated lead paint, organic solvents used in compounding drugs.

      Add them up, and you've a potent cocktail for psycho-social disorders.

      I fear our Government, and their headlong rush to approve the latest GMO seed from Dow Agra/Monsanto/Bayer AG.
      There's an increasing body of evidence that GMO pollen is linked to the honeybee sudden hive collapse syndrome.  

      We can look to our children and the excuse of "better nutrition" for what's going on - unusually - in their bodies.

      I was raised in a well-fed neighborhood, and obesity wasn't common in children.  Nor diabetes.  Nor did 5th grade girls require bras, except for playing dress-up.
      So I'm skeptical when someone says:  "It's not the food."

      Our government and private agencies are assisting the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in coping with the long-term effects of Agent Orange exposure.

      Meanwhile our government is maintaining it's "nothing to see here - move along" attitude at home.  

      We continue to see 2, 4, D sprayed on lawns and crops, along with RoundUp® - and "it's fine... trust us".
      Thus adding new meaning to "Keep Off the Grass".

      Nothing about this is new, as the phrase: "Mad as a Hatter" refers to 'crazy' hat makers, contaminated with mercury from the felting process.

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