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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: National Voter Registration Day, happens Tuesday, Sept. 25 (135 comments)

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    My absentee ballot was waiting for me at the office this morning; I filled it out, put it in the inner envelope, signed the affidavit on the envelope, put the inner envelope in the outer envelope, bought a stamp, and mailed it back to New York.

    I had the habit ingrained in me from a very young age not to state who I voted for.  I will, however, state that there was a circumstance that could have caused me to vote Republican in this election.

    That would be the somewhat unlikely event that my brain-rotted corpse was exhumed and zombified by GOP operatives, and instructed to go back to New York and pull the levers in the Republican column.

    (Because I wouldn't put that past them, I'm leaving instructions that once all of my viable organs are harvested for donation, what's left over is to be cremated and interred in three separate locations on two different continents.)

    And anyway, I'm pretty sure that there's no way to change my vote that doesn't constitute voter fraud.

    As an aside: it's a whole lot easier to cast an absentee ballot for New York than it is to change your election district in Greece...

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