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View Diary: From Film to Protests: the Publicization of "Innocence of Muslims" in Egypt (16 comments)

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    Every person involved in financing (you forgot Joseph Nasrallah Abdelmasih), making, distributing, advertising and promoting the film has ties to the GOP.

    Morris Sadek is a Republican Party memeber and a Washington lobbyist associated with Congressman Frank Wolf. Here's a coincidence: Wolf is one of the Republican lawmakers claiming that the Obama administration is "dissembling" about the attack in Libya.

    Davis Horowitz held a retreat Apr 30-May 1 about the "counter-jihad" effort. In attendance were Robert Spencer (who has past associations with all of  the people involved with the video) and KARL ROVE. Horowitz posted videos of all the speeches given at the retreat--except one. He didn't post the speech given by  the keynote speaker: KARL ROVE.

    It was late May-late June when Basselly and Sadek began making preparations to screen and promote the video. Steve Klein was also involved in this stage.

    Karl Rove had another interesting meeting prior to the attack on the consulate in Libya: He met with Neil C Livingstone. Please google "Neil C Livingstone Libya" for some background on his contacts with Khadafy supporters in Libya. ROVE met with Livingstone on Aug 18, 2012.

    From the beginning, the Libyan Government has maintained that the organizers of the attack in Libya:
    1) Were Khadafy loyalists
    2) recruited local Salafists for the attack
    3) USED the demonstration against the video as a cover
    4) Had inside info on consulate security

    There is MUCH, MUCH more information to suggest that the GOP orcherstrated the uproar over the video AND coordinated with Khadafy supporters who carried out the attack

    It would not be the first time that the GOP engaged in treasonous activity overseas to influence a presidential election.  Think about the South Vietnamese rejecting the US-negotiated peace treaty in 1968. The Nixon campaign told the South Vietnamese they would get a better deal with Nixon in office. This is nort speculation or a theory. It is a historically documented fact. There are other events in the "theory" category.

    I hope you will dig. Write to me at "thetruthaworkoffiction@gmailDOTCOM"

    We have a lot of work to do because the spooks involved are desseminating spin on WaPO and NYT and WSJ.

    They have already put a lot of misdirections and falsehoods into the storyline. They want to create a false narrative and claim that it's true so that they can deny the truth when it is published.

    1) The Gitmo guy is the leader of Ansar al-sharia FALSE
    2) Intel knew who the terrorists were and where they were the next day FALSE
    3) There was no demonstration against the video in Libya FALSE
    4) Al-Queda is behind the attack FALSE
    5) Administration officials have clearly stated al-queda was behind the attack FALSE
    6) The FBI won't be able to get any evidence after so much time has passed FALSE
    7) The Obama Administration LIED and said that the attack wasn't a terrorist attack FALSE
    8) Al-Queda made the video (John McCain told this whopper!) FALSE

    There are more! Watch who gives the talking points. Trace where their bread is buttered.

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