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View Diary: More Mitt Romney science: He believes University of Utah 'solved' cold fusion (201 comments)

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    I was not disagreeing with what you have just said. The topic article did; I was noting that there was something going on that the topic article didn't agree with.  Romney was wrong in multiple regards, but not because it was conclusively proven that there was no cold fusion at all.

    You say that once it stops, it never starts again.  How hard do you think it would be for the palladium (an expensive material) to be recycled, or re-refined and re-fashioned, into a new, usable electrode?  Reproducing the electrode was apparently not easy, but then it could be easier if the specific requirements were understood.  And of course getting a net gain of power out of the whole life cycle is not trivial -- uranium fission reactors, by some measures (whose accuracy I can't vouch for), do not have an energy-positive life cycle.

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