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  •  if you can, get out (10+ / 0-)

    I used to do adjuncting, and while my conditions were better than those described here, it was far from sufficient to support a family.

    I gave it one last try at a full-time job search (close but no cigar... I did discover I might have done better in earlier years had I applied to different departments but alas), and then I made the change to industry.

    Yeah, industry sucks in a lot of ways. I miss teaching, I miss research. I miss the students, at least the ones that give a damn and don't wheedle or cheat.

    But I like the health insurance and greatly reduced driving time. Annual earnings many times over what I had as an adjunct are also a big plus. And for me, adjuncting put me a bad mental state where I simultaneously was jealous and contemptful of the full time assistant profs in the department ("they're not as good as me,  it's just that senior prof so-and-so wanted to grow in that areas" etc) Not healthy at all.

    Part of the reason that they can replace full timers with adjuncts is that there are people out there willing to do the work in adjunct conditions (usually believing it is a stepping stone to a full-time positiion).

    I have never seen anybody go from an adjunct position to a full-time TT position.  (Exception: guy who was TT at institution A, then moved for some life reason, and then was an adjunct at institution B for a couple of years, and then left to resume TT at institution C.  See the difference from most adjuncts?)   It may well be that time as an adjunct marks you as "Damaged goods".

    If you can make a living another way, get out. Fixing the systems will take years. If you spend those years adjuncting, it could have severe effects on your relationships and finances.

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