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  •  Few adjuncts at ivies (1+ / 0-)
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    peregrine kate

    You asked  whether it is "generally true at more competitive colleges, eg. the Ivies and Little Ivies" that ~97% of the faculty are full-time. Yes, it is.

    •  Yes, to an extent. In part that's true because (0+ / 0-)

      many four-year colleges are just that: they don't have graduate programs, hence they don't have another source of cheap labor (grad students). The universities not only have the grad students available to be underpaid and often undertrained faculty, but they have the administrative infrastructure that seems to call out for a cadre of post-degree instructors as well.
      The Ivies and their near relatives may not be as conscientious as all that, depending on how much stress they truly put on the undergraduate portion of their mandate. For many R1s, undergrads and their tuition constitute a cash cow for the rest of the operation; very little of that income is dedicated to their classroom education.

      Please stop by my tribute diary, RIP alliedoc, so that the messages to her family can include yours.

      by peregrine kate on Tue Sep 25, 2012 at 04:46:53 PM PDT

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