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View Diary: Missouri candidate: We need guns to protect ourselves from Obama (10 comments)

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    I've seen this term used more and more favorably over the years (I remember when we were decrying the nearly half a million names).  What I don't understand is how we think that the watchlist is a considerable impediment to domestic terrorists organizing themselves.  They still have freedom of movement, and there isn't nearly enough manpower to make even a dent in all the unknown associates they may acquire, and they can still acquire weapons.  The Hutarees were foiled by turning a member informant who'd local law enforcement been lucky enough to tumble upon.

    And we haven't even started with groups who will organize in plain sight, with the cooperation or tacit approval of local LEOs.  This notion of super MiB special agents paralyzing domestic militias is belied by the particulars of the Hutarees case in the first place; we should avoid being overly confident.

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