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View Diary: CBS Reports a Daily Kos Hypothesis: Romney Avoided Prison via '09 Tax-Cheat Amnesty (207 comments)

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  •  T&R'd, but... (16+ / 0-)
    ...[I] thought people might find that interesting & agree that 52,000 social networking shares in one day indicates that my hunch was close to the truth & my strategy might be just what the doctor ordered & buttress Obama's new ad focus (What's he hiding?).  
    Mmmm. No. Your hunch may be close to the truth, and I may even agree with you on that, but the fact of 52K social networking shares does not indicate fact or truth, but rather "resonance", ranging from some amount of agreement to the tissue-thin "I wonder" state of mind.

    Would like to see this go viral though.

    •  How right you are. #'s don't = truth. In (4+ / 0-)
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      artmartin, FindingMyVoice, elwior, kaliope

      orginal, I say #'s prove I'd convinced many this was very plausible, and Dkos supplied puzzling tidbit that seemed to re-affirm the theory. Even if getting signifcant buzz/pressure, could suffice to pressure Romney to disclose if it's not true or look like he's hiding something worse.  

    •  While it's true that "both" belief and wondering (5+ / 0-)

      are encompassed in those likes, the fact is that this does not represent the "balance" you seem to imply. Among those likes there was no one who would have said "I don't believe". All that needs to happen is to plant the seed of doubt.

      •  Yes, plausibility & pressure are key to records. (1+ / 0-)
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        Mass interest in original diary convinced me it's plausibility of hypothesis & strategy was greater than I knew, which is based upon the assumption (rightly or wrongly) that the Daily Kos community does not collectively latch on to an implausible half-baked conspiracy theory simply b/c it demonized Romney, especially from a new person w/o any "street cred" built up here over years.

        Of course, the more plausible the seed of doubt, and the more its hammered home, the greater the pressure to disclose or look guilty.

        Media could do they same by harping on him to adhere to tradition & release several years, but they let him off easy.

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