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View Diary: CBS Reports a Daily Kos Hypothesis: Romney Avoided Prison via '09 Tax-Cheat Amnesty (207 comments)

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  •  I was clear about my superficial knowledge (0+ / 0-)

    about this subject was based upon my inadvertant scanning of headlines that I came across issues I was researching, and didn't even intend on doing research as I normally would do to determine if my hypothesis was ridiculous b/c it had already been debunked or was facially implausible. Indeed, I thought it was one of worst pieces I've written in the past go figure.

    Had I known about the Yglesias article you mention, I wouldn't have written this, and it wouldn't have generated this buzz.

    I trust you're correct that this rumor has been swirling around here, and if this is true, I can't explain why my article got legs, or why the CBS article was the way it was. Maybe it was the way I framed it, or maybe it was just luck, timing, or all the above.  

    Had I know this was going to get such attention & scrutiny, I wouldn't have published it until conducted proper research, but again, I'm clear about that & that I'm mostly trying to pressure media by showing how a person who wasn't following this issue could come with a plausible explanation of what Romney was hiding worth the damage of hiding it, and how this- even if wrong- could be enough to pressure him to disclose to prove it wrong. I was expecting a bunch of responses telling me this was ridiculous or had already been done, but the overwhelming bulk of responses have been positive and "Damn...I think you nailed it."

    I refrain from reading MSM b/c it's such crap much of the time. Apparently you hold them in such higher regard.

    If I get around to updating/correcting the orginal (e.g. amnesty was not reserved to Swiss banks), there's many things I'd correct, and I'd cite the articles you. Academics, scientists, & journalists often independently come up w/ the same idea, and battle over who was first. I trust you're correct, and I wouldn't pretend that I was first or proudly defend this theory subjected to rigorous testing & analysis. Perhaps part of the appeal to the others is that some average person simple said X seems to be the most logical, plausible, and why haven't people been harping on this...

    I don't think I'll delete the diary, however, as it seems to have done some good.

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