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View Diary: "I thought it was a good idea, until I learned it was Obama's" - addendum (220 comments)

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  •  I've always had the opposite problem---I have a (2+ / 0-)

    very high metabolism and burn up calories at a furious rate---which is why I still weigh the same (135-140 lbs) at age 51 as I did in high school. And since I've always done lots of walking, backpacking and kayaking, it's not at all unusual for me to burn up 3000 calories a day for long stretches at a time.

    So I always search for the high-calorie high-energy stuff (thank the gods for Golden Corral's all-you-can-eat buffet). If I tried to live on veggies and salad, I'd be doing nothing but eating for 12 hours a day.

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