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View Diary: Scott Brown staffers caught on tape making war whoops, tomahawk chops (153 comments)

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  •  Any idea how this is playing in MA? (4+ / 0-)

    Not that I'm an expert (or even more than vaguely-familiar with) Massachusetts politics, but ISTM that Scott Brown's sudden reliance on sneery "Indian" mockery as a campaign tactic (and no, I don't believe his BS disclaimers for a second) is a sign of desperation: the sort of thing a desperate candidate losing a tight race might resort to late in a campaign.

    Might this outburst of (M)assholery negatively affect his polling?

    •  No idea (10+ / 0-)

      I live here.  Massachusetts has very few native people, so the "Native American vote" is neglible, which is too bad, as I'm sure they wouldn't be feeling very warm toward Scott Brown at the moment.

      He's obviously trying to paint Warren as someone who (improperly) used affimative action to get ahead.  I understand why he's trying.  It it works, it taps into a lot of white working class resentment over affirmative action and deflates Elizabeth Warren and her incredible career.  

      I'm hoping it won't work, and ideally it will backfire.  But I have no idea what motivates people, and so much is at the mercy of the corporate media.  (Anyone else recall the first Bush-Gore debate where the majority of people who actually watched it considered Gore the winner but then the media declared Bush the winner and within a few days most folks polled said Bush had won...?)

      •  I don't how this figures into it . . . (4+ / 0-)
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        jennybravo, politicalceci, Jay C, Rogneid

        but in New England from my experience you only hear about Native Americans in reference to

        a) Mohegan Sun/Foxwoods

        b) Tribes trying to organize an "Indian Casino" in MA. cf. the whole fireworks on the South shore a few years with the Mashpee tribe.


        c) Maybe the odd reference around Thanksgiving to Plymouth Plantation.

        Very little otherwise of substance makes into the local news.

        •  Native Blood (5+ / 0-)

          My brother lives right by the two CT casinos. When they were being established the actual tribe population there was very small. All kinds of "white" people were flocking to claim they had a teensie weensie bit of that tribal blood in them so they could be a part of the action.

          I have Oklahoma relatives who do, as Warren, have Native American blood in their line. It is very common in that region and was a legend in their family, as well. I've traced it doing genealogy.

          It just boggles the mind that Brown is so offensively attacking something that Warren may have listed so long ago and which wasn't apparently used for any gain.

          Anyone who has (or had a child) apply for college scholarships knows that financial aid directors push you to "check all the boxes" you can because there are countless, obscure scholarship opportunities and you just might qualify. It has always seemed that if Warren checked a box somewhere, it was because of such a suggestion.

          In the 70s I got an advancement in a college staff position and I KNOW it was because I was a woman. Everyone wanted to showcase their "minority" staff to the public. Scott Brown is a racist Neanderthal.

      •  Ohio and WV have a lot of Native American. nt (2+ / 0-)
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        politicalceci, Jay C

        "As goes OHIO so goes the nation." Flyover country my -ss, you get reminded every four years how important we are.

        by glbTVET on Tue Sep 25, 2012 at 09:55:00 AM PDT

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