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View Diary: Hi everyone, I'm Matt, and I'm an alcoholic. (271 comments)

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  •  And the recognition of things we truly control: (6+ / 0-)

    There are aspects of life we have complete control over and aspects we have no control over.

    I cannot change the way my sister feels about me but I can change how I react or prioritize her feelings.

    Learning these skills is a life long process that could benefit anyone, alcoholic or not, but it has been shown to help a great deal in recovery.  

    The most therapuetic aspect of AA or any group dedicated to recovery is the mutual support of others going through similar circumstances. . . where groups or individuals get into trouble is trying to straighten out all the sometimes contradictory sayings or finding a completely unified theory of recovery that is logical without fallacy.

    But when dealing with people - on any level, there is nothing as neat as A + B = C.  So, we all do what we can, try to do better each day, don't overthink it, take what works and most of all - help others.

    Best of luck, you will likely look back upon this as one of the best decisions of your life.

    Blessed are the peacemakers, the poor, the meek and the sick. Message to Repug Fundies: "DO you really wonder "what would Jesus do?" I didn't think so.

    by 4CasandChlo on Tue Sep 25, 2012 at 12:27:24 PM PDT

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