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    kj in missouri

    I caught the diary right when I was leaving for work, said I'd be back.

    Been thinking about what helped me most in my early days, did the 90 in 90, ok did 365 in 365...

    The one little slogan that I have leaned on for years is HALT..hungry, angry, lonely, tired.  If you have one you can get by, two you're in danger land, three means is a trainwreck waiting to happen, and all four means here comes the excuse to drink.  HALT is still part of my daily routine, since do to circumstances, the L is ever present.

    Make your HP what ever works for you, a dear friend of mine HP was his cat...the cat counted on him to be there.

    I had to rework my HP because I was raised in a fire & brimstone religion, one that didn't suit my recovery.

    Two more things that worked for me, and after 22 years I still practice.

    1) You do not need to be perfect ever again, failing at being perfect for my family, society, whatever was often the reason I drank...hell if I couldn't be perfect why not drink...even now when people say you're perfect I say no I am not and I don't try to be...I only do the best I can.

    2) Can Therapy....I always had a can of beer within reach, in the car, in the house...I even slept with one on my now my can therapy is diet soda, always within reach.  Whatever your drink of choice was keep the container but change the contents.

    Please feel free to email, contact me...I am a butt kicking
    take no prisoners sober mama who watched her husband die sober because even though he knew he was dying said drinking at that point would do no good...other meaning he would lose his sobriety.

    That puts everything in my life into perspective, what reason could I have have to drink if John wouldn't  lose his sobriety while fighting a losing battle with cancer.

    Thanks for sharing, I needed a refresher course in where I was, where I am and what awaits :)

    Barn's burnt down -- now I can see the moon. Masahide

    by bws on Tue Sep 25, 2012 at 07:24:13 PM PDT

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