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View Diary: Hi everyone, I'm Matt, and I'm an alcoholic. (271 comments)

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    Hang in there buddy, it will be tough at first, but it gets better, much, much better.

    I first uttered those dreaded words  "Hello, My name is ..."  32 years ago, and thought I'd be ridiculed out of the meeting.  It was a huge relief, and I couldn't believe that I wasn't thrown out in shame, for all the guilt that had built inside.  But when I looked around, and saw a neighbor, and one of my old high school coaches, I realized I wasn't alone, and was amongst friends.

    We may be just blips on a screen here, -but know-, you have many friends and supporters here.  You. are. not. alone.

    I was going to relate some of my experience, but this isn't about me.
    I would suggest that you print out James Hepburn's comment and stash it away for a while.  It may not make alot of sense now, but he is spot on.  Once the fog starts to lift, you will relate and appreciate more of what he said.  
    I Hope that it helps you along your journey.

    And don't disappear.  If anything, use us.
    Write often. Write gibberish,  Just write, if nothing else but to let us know you're still there.  We will help in any way we can, and you will help us by fighting through this.

    We're with ya Bud! You Can Do It!
    (Hell, if we can do it, you sure as hell can).

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