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  •  You have a tenuous grip on reality my friend (3+ / 0-)

    Have you seen Mitt Romney speak?  Do you think that he really has the ability to move the needle at a historic rate because of a debate performance (debates rarely cause much movement in the polls)?

    •  He has also wasted months . . . (1+ / 0-)
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      beginning in the late stages of the primary attacking the president rather than making a positive argument for his candidacy.  The convention itself was a huge missed opportunity.  The weeks since have been an unmitigated disaster.

      For an electoral season that has already gone almost a year now, a candidate doesn't turn around 40 days before an election and start erasing all of the existing impressions, which are already more negative than positive -- with only 5 percent voicing no opinion.

      Jerry J may ultimately prove right, but his argument is more along the lines of "this is what I HOPE happens" -- not "this is what is likely to happen".  It depends on 100 things going right for Romney between now and the election and it assumes that even if everything breaks right that there is still a window of opportunity (i.e. enough persuadable voters to actually provide him with the margins that he will need to eek out a win).  Could happen.  But not likely.

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