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View Diary: Romney says his tax cuts for individuals are for businesses, not for individuals (117 comments)

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    That's part of the problem.  Right now,  there's nowhere to park money that will allow an average person to amass wealth.  This will never change until the re-instate Glass Steagall or it's equivalent.  There's an illusion you can park money in the market or in property but if your eyes are open you know that's a magic trick.  It's a sock with a hole in it and they can make that hole bigger any time they want to.  Saving money is a complete illusion in today's economy. Until regulations change,  the majority is encouraged to borrow and spend and those that can make money on that are in a "special" club.  You don't have access to the same "funds" they do in your 401K.  It's rigged.

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    by fishhawk on Wed Sep 26, 2012 at 09:03:44 AM PDT

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