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View Diary: Cut My Taxes To Zero and I Still Won't Create a Single Job (Updated with Appreciation) (120 comments)

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  •  One of my long standing clients (12+ / 0-)

    said to me on the phone...your Republican, right? Which is hysterical to anyone that knows me seeing as I wear liberal on my sleeve. I'm so damn liberal my husband is convinced the fbi has a file one me labeled subversive. When this client asked if I was a Republican I of course said politely but firmly " I am not Republican." He then asked "so you just want to give money to poor people then?"  After a moments hesitation I simply responded "yep." In that seconds worth of hesitation I contemplated all the possible answers but really "yes" is all that needed to be said.

    He's a good client so I go out of my way not to discuss politics but jesh!

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