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View Diary: Cut My Taxes To Zero and I Still Won't Create a Single Job (Updated with Appreciation) (120 comments)

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    There are cases where tax relief can create a critical margin of profitability, especially in more capital-intensive industries.  Think the wind credit: many existing wind energy manufacturers (blades, turbines, etc.) have said that letting the current credit expire will force them to lay off a lot of folks or go out of business.  I've seen this cited in many posts, here and on other liberal sites (and obviously not knowing the internal budgets of these companies).  I say "liberal sites" only to distinguish us liberals from the conservatives for whom tax breaks are absolute orthodoxy.

    Obviously tax breaks are not needed to make the fat cats fatter. The Waltons are doing just fine, and don't need tax relief, however much they might protest to the contrary.  Increased profits mean more tax paid by the business. But it's still (generally) a higher net.

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