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  •  Fighting the last war. (0+ / 0-)

    That old bromide about the military, that the generals are always prepared to fight the last war?
    That's how the GOP thought this election would play out. In their closed-off world, they had everything lined up: Fox News had stirred the crazy pot continuously, keeping them warm until it was time to turn up the heat to a boil. They had the money boys, and they thought they had the candidate, in that Mitt looked presidential, which was all they wanted from him anyway. Pump out a batch of scary ads about the doomed economy, thrown in some racism, and viola! With the lazy compliance of the MSM, the election was sure to be all but in the bag.
    But they're fighting the last war, when scary ads weren't a joke, when their candidate could get away with mouthing platitudes, when Democrats rolled over and played dead, and when the MSM couldn't be dragged kicking and screaming into reality.
    They forgot about the lightening speed of today's technology, where crisp response ads could be up and widely disseminated in a day. They forgot they needed to sell something, not just be against Obama. They forgot that the President is a very astute politician. And they never knew Romney, without a script, wasn't just stupid, but a dick.
    Mostly, they just assumed that all they had to do was do what they've always done. Which is lie and try to scare white people.

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