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  •  Counterintuitive? (none)
    I'd think that military families would be more likely to have more stricter discipline and more responsible children than their civilian counterparts. I could be totally wrong about that theory, but I'd expect children of military men and women to be more well-mannered, responsible, and successful.
    •  Ha! (none)
      That's a dangerous assumption.  Most of the military kids I went to school with were drugged out, losers who did nothing be spend most of their early 20s in the jail.  Maybe they were rebelling.  But I do know a couple of military children who graduated from college without run-ins with the police...just not a lot of them.
    •  Ever lived near a base? (none)
      I haven't noticed that to be true. The children of military personnel are pretty much average for their economic level -- which is to say, most of them are essentially urban poor. Base housing is fucking awful.

      Strict discipline, in my experience, results in children who are wild and often destructive once they're out of sight of their parents. Military brats and preacher's kids are fairly notorious. Well-mannered they are not. The constant disruption of being moved from base to base doesn't help them academically, either.

      I don't have any stats to back it up, but it sure seemed to me, living around Ft. Campbell, that domestic violence was a pretty big problem.

      Mind you, there are some fine military families I have had the pleasure and privilege to have known, but as a class, military families don't seem to have any particular advantage in society, and they are in many ways handicapped by the rigors of the military. The average private doesn't have a college degree, makes $13k a year, learns few if any skills transferrable to the civilian world, and will find that all those promised college dollars involve a lot of jumping through hoops once he's done with his term of enlistment.

      Support Our Troops: Send the Commander-in-Chief to the Front!

      by eodell on Thu May 12, 2005 at 04:38:54 PM PDT

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      •  Well (none)
        It was a theory of mine. I could be wrong, but I think that you probably are right now that I think about it. I'm not sure where I read it, but I heard that the majority of marriages in the military fail.
      •  Just a guess... (none)
        I kinda doubt that the military combination of under-education, poverty, and high rates of domestic violence and divorce do much to raise responsible, well-mannered kids.  

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