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View Diary: Head fake or real? Obama campaign flirts with playing for Arizona (307 comments)

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  •  I've been saying for a while now (2+ / 0-)
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    that if the debates go as badly for Romney as they might, we could see his indie support collapse and large portions of the GOP voting base (seniors, working class whites) start to abandon him. won't take much of a swing among those groups for him to be in real danger of putting some of the McCain states in play.

    Romney is putting enormous pressure on himself to do well in these debates, but he's not up against the cast of clowns he was in the primaries, or mostly friendly debate hosts. he's up against an absolute master of policy detail, who has been thinking about how to turn Romney and Ryan the candidates into a larger metaphor of the issues facing the country for four years. and he's going into these debates having set himself up on the tax issue where Obama can turn him into a symbol for everything that is selfish and elitist about the modern GOP.

    if any part of that leads to a moment when Romney has a deer in headlights moment, he's done and dusted and he might just take the GOP down with him. fingers crossed.

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