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  •  By that reasoning, we should only have (1+ / 0-)
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    garbage collectors presiding over nuclear power plant policy.

    There are many people with strong understanding of economics and banking who do not also own or run banks. There are not all that many people with a strong understanding of what makes a successful teaching/learning environment currently presiding over education policy.

    Certainly not Duncan, and apparently not Obama.

    •  Just because somebody... (0+ / 0-)

      ...disagrees with me doesn't me they don't understand the problem.

      But Obama does understand something that I suspect you do not: The political climate in America strongly favors reform.

      - Charters are going to happen.

      - VAM is going to happen.

      - Parental School Choice is going to happen.

      - Even Vouchers may happen...!

      We need to decide if we are going to be one of the ones shaping these policies or if we are going to leave it all up to ALEC and Michelle Rhee.

      The Teachers' Unions have been the strongest bloc in the Progressive coalition. We will need them in the future. I would hate to see them become a casualty. Especially if they become so while fighting on the Wrong Side of History.

      •  Not to go all Godwin on you, but... (0+ / 0-)

        I imagine there were quite a few people who supported Hitler because it was going to happen, and didn't want to become a casualty.

        That doesn't make it right, or even a good idea.

        Things only happen because people make them happen. In my mind, it is far better to work for something worth working for than to happily conspire to one's own detriment.

        It's even worse when one is working toward the detriment of others.

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