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View Diary: NFL referees lockout is over; real refs will take the field tonight (95 comments)

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    Any time I hear some one rage on Unions, or someone talks about tempworkers/scab workers, the NFL lockout is a labor dispute that most Americans can understand and saw first hand the difference between professionals and scabs. So when someone bitches about auto workers' unions or any other union point out the NFL and the refs. Do they want someone as incompetent at the job of building cars, teaching their kids, or wiring electricity in their kids' schools as those scab refs were at calling the Seahawks v. Greenbay game?

    I didn't think so.

    This story is a boon for improving the image of labor in this country and fighting back the republican anti-union meme that has been so prevalent since Reagan.

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      we should all be using this fiasco to bolster the point that there is a difference between trained, invested workers and untrained replacements. The fact that there are so many Democrats who seem to be happy to replace (as one example) unionized teachers with untrained and inexperienced replacements should be brought up again and again.
      I was amazed at the support the Chicago teachers got in their strike, and I hope that kind of support continues for other teachers' unions across the country. Many of us are not allowed to strike, but have been taking hits from the GOP and the Democratic leadership, both of whom want to support the privatization of public money through charter schools and vouchers.
      When are those union workers going to get the same kind of public support that the referees got?

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