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  •  Digging beneath the data (1+ / 0-)
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    True, colleges use (and the CB promotes) combined SAT/GPA.

    BUT, I served on the Admissions Committee at my university and chaired it, I discovered from the admissions department an interesting fact: Even when SAT scores are used in a complex formula that includes GPA, SAT scores become the SOLE determining metric since most of the other data are so similar from student to student.

    In other words, the "SAT data are part of a formula" disguises that SAT still serves as the metric enforcing admittance, or now.

    •  Hey... (0+ / 0-)

      ...don't blame the hammer if the carpenter is dumb!

      I went to a well-known, top-tier public high school. Our conselors and teachers had personal relationships with the Admissions Departments at all the top schools.

      If you got a 3.2 GPA from our school, it was known that it equated to a 3.7 from a less-competitive school. I was born lucky to live in that rich suburb.

      But what about the kid from the unknown school? He can get a 4.0 GPA and because nobody ever heard of West Pennsyltucky High, his perfect transcript gets no respect.

      Until he turns in a high SAT. Or a strong APs.

      I like standardized tests because they take emphasis away from "reputation" and "who-you-know" and provide an objective measure that is...well...standardized.

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