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View Diary: New Obama ad lets Mitt Romney destroy himself in his own words (190 comments)

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  •  this is incredibly good (3+ / 0-)

    and does something that republicans have done for decades, but democrats really haven't: it plays into people's shame at having to rely on help sometimes, and tells them that the other guy is looking down on them, insulting them, as that shame turns to anger. this is the flip side of all of obama's we-are-our-brother's-keeper rhetoric that attempts to rehabilitate the idea of using government to take care of one another when our friends or family or neighbors need help. this ad reminds working people that the GOP are the ones who have been looking down on them all this time. it says "mitt romney, he doesn't like our kind." and it's all the more powerful for being true, and coming right out of romney's mouth.

    it is an incredibly emotionally powerful gut-punching ad, and it should run everywhere. monday night football games, baseball world series, during the debates, all across the country.

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