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View Diary: Newt Gingrich gives up on dog-whistles (287 comments)

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  •  would you prefer to leave it hidden (0+ / 0-)

    or would you like me to remove the HR?

    Mitt Romney = Draco Malfoy

    by ubertar on Fri Sep 28, 2012 at 05:23:58 AM PDT

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    •  Since I got 3 hr's for that comment (5+ / 0-)

      even if you remove your hr, the comment will still be hidden. I feel very badly that a diary in which Meteor Blades was  pointing out that Gingrich has gone full racist and has stopped even the pretense of dog whistles, was side tracked.  The fact is I was reading this excellent diary and wanted to post a comment about Gingrich.  I was in a rush as I had to leave for my daughter's volleyball game an hour away.  I should not have posted while in a rush and sometimes this is the result--a thread that gets inadvertently off topic.  The fault is not Smoh's, it is mine.  

      Mojo is not the most important thing in my life.  So whether you choose to remove the hr or not, ubertar, we don't have a problem.  You decide and thanks for asking.  Peace everybody. :)

      Feminism is the radical notion that women are people. ~Cheris Kramarae and Paula Treichler

      by Tchrldy on Fri Sep 28, 2012 at 05:56:08 AM PDT

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