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View Diary: Unscrewed: How 5th-grade political analysis became a GOP article of faith (173 comments)

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    The GOP base is completely divorced from reality.  They will believe anything that is consistent with their preferred reality, regardless of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  I fear for our country when such a large number of our citizens believe such transparent nonsense.  If Obama wins, as today seems likely, they will undoubtedly believe that he stole the election, because their 'unskewed polls' told them that Romney was way ahead.

    And what of the GOP leadership?  They know better than this but they cynically feed to lies to keep the base working for them.  Will the  GOP try to turn itself into a sane conservative party, or will they spend the next two years screaming that Obama stole the election in hopes of gains in the mid-term?  I think they will do just that.  Pathetic, but very dangerous.

    Anyone who ever knew fear and want knows Romney is talking about him..

    by docterry on Sun Sep 30, 2012 at 05:47:19 PM PDT

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