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View Diary: Trashing experience and skill is just one more weapon in the war on workers (184 comments)

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  •  It's funny isn't it [not really funny ha ha] (5+ / 0-)

    My own father has difficulties finding work. Why? Because of two reasons: He is older and Experienced. Those two qualities make him ineligible for most jobs.

    No one wants to pay him for his experience and expertise. They want some young kid who is desperate, who will work for a fraction of the cost, who claims they can achieve the same results for that much lower pay.

    But then these same "Jawb CreaTORs" would denigrate my old man and tell him to "Get a Job!" When they won't fucking hire him, because they are too cheap and lack vision or ethics.

    I ran into similar sentiments when I got out of the military. I Went to a job--any job with the same mindset and work ethic I had in the service. Bosses didn't like that. It took me a while to understand that in this new sucky world, that if you see a half-assed job, even if it's needs fixing, you don't go and correct the problem. That makes for bad office politics. In this new sucky world, that doesn't show initiative and it doesn't signal to people that you are committed to doing the best job you can. All it makes you is a threat to some petty bossman who is lazy, and who cannot manage the team, someone who basically is there just to take up space and *look important. And that isn't the bossman's fault for being that way, it's yours for incidentally shining a light on it.

    This country has serious problems. Not just with labor or pay or treatment of workers, but a deep philosophical issue as well with personal work ethics. I have watched similar dramas unfold with vets who entered the troops to teachers programs--

    People don't want the best it seems. They just want you to be quite and work for peanuts, and pretend everything is just peachy.

    •  Same with me (3+ / 0-)
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      schnecke21, BusyinCA, GreenMother

      I was overqualified for every job I applied for and never got responses. I finally managed to find work, any work, when I started applying for jobs that didn't require resumes.

      I got hired by a marketing research company in their call center. We would call for both political surveys and commercial research.

      It was part-time work. You either worked the evening shift calling residences, which included Saturday morning and Sunday night, or daytime, which would be calling businesses. The manager didn't like to let people work a double shift, but sometimes she was desperate enough to let us, as long as we never got up past 40 hours.

      It is actually pretty skilled work, being able to read a script fluently and type answers to open-ended questions accurately, but they treated us all like warm bodies, starting us a little over minimum wage and giving .25 raises. Sometimes. We were using horrible old used computers that broke down all the time, and a DOS program that didn't use a mouse, because the manager thought we couldn't be trained to use a computer mouse.

      When a project ran out, people who were working would run out of work and be sent home if there was no new project ready. So you could come in to work for a 4 hour shift after being told there would be work for sure and then be sent home less than an hour later.

      One summer there was no work all summer. Because of one of my other part-time jobs, I was not eligible for unemployment. But they kept other workers from applying for unemployment by telling them, all summer, that there was a new project coming up in a few days.

      Every Christmas there was a "party" we would be required to attend during work hours at no pay and play stupid "games". The owner would come down and beam at all us, shmoozing with the salaried help and imagining how generous she was to us.

      They definitely treated us like warm bodies, and they wanted us to know that's what they thought of us.

      The thing is, it had to be costing them money, because turnover was so huge and hiring new people and training them must have been a huge drain on the system. For an extra dollar an hour and a little respect they could have cut way down on turnover and had employees who worked much more efficiently. But it was more important to them that we know they didn't value us and thought they could replace us with any idiot off the street.

      So if you get a call to do a poll, and you can't understand what the person on the other end of the phone is saying, and you have to to keep asking them to repeat themselves, that's why.

      •  Wow. Sounds like the whole program is run by (0+ / 0-)

        people on serious, bad, drugs.

        Mandatory Fun Functions for employees on the clock for no pay?


        You know what I like best about bullshit like that?

        It makes people mean. Someone who has to survive in that bullshit for extended periods of time, get mean. And they tell themselves that bending over and taking up the sphincter is some kind of "paying your dues" like you are getting hazed for some great job down the road.

        That is how Baggers are born right there.

        They want to make the experience valuable, but they take that thought in the total wrong direction. Instead of looking at that, and saying, "Holy Crap, I don't want to be that shitty boss, making those shitty rules and treating people like shit while I pay them nothing," nope--It's "Wow, this really separates the wheat from the chaff". And it does.

        Good people end up with substance abuse problems, depression, chronic stress, IBS or something like that. They eventually drop out, maybe give up to work in some equally crappy job that is slightly less profitable.  Those people might even convince themselves they are failures.

        Meanwhile the ones that learn how to play that game, get just as mean and petty as the bosses, they get promoted for the backstabbings and the betrayals. They learn real good, how to be the office dick.

        Gosh I love this planet, I really do.

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