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  •  My mother--who is a die-hard Republican-- (8+ / 0-)

    has one of these phones.

    Her income consists of Social Security ONLY (needless to say, my siblings and I help out quite a bit). She has many medical problems and is homebound. She NEEDS a phone:

    -Her home health aides call to schedule their visits
    -Her nurse calls to schedule a weekly visit and check on her from time to time
    -The oxygen provider calls to check if she needs more oxygen
    -The pharmacy calls to say they are going to deliver her prescriptions
    -The doctor's office calls to schedule and remind her of appointments.
    -Family members and friends call--in which case she always says, "I have to go; I don't want to use up my minutes."
    -She uses it when she has a problem with her heat, or cooling, or plumbing, or when she doesn't feel well. Thank God she has not had to use it to call 911 up to this point, but she may very well at any time.

    Despite the free minutes she gets, my brother and I often have to buy her additional minutes. Of course, every call is rounded up to one minute (even if it is ten seconds). She does not get free texts; they are charged at one minute per each. She gets a lot of unsolicited text messages.

    The phone is cheap and basic. It has been very good for her. By avoiding an expensive phone bill every month, my mother has been able to keep up with her bills better (though her small social security check does not cover all her bills anyway).

    This phone might save my mother's life someday. Fuck anyone who doesn't want her to have it.

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