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View Diary: Worse Than Watergate or It Isn’t Too Late for the GOP to Steal Another Election (29 comments)

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  •  Here's what I'm worried about: (16+ / 0-)

    1. The "True the Vote" thugs and that kind of shit..I've seen it before: outright physical and psychological intimidation at the polls..people standing around writing down license numbers, snapping pictures and shooting video, following people home....flyers in doors and on cars that direct people to the wrong polling places; or warn them that voter information will be used by debt collectors / immigration officials...that police will be waiting if they have outstanding parking tickets or owe child support...
    2. crooked pollsters (and indifferent poll watchers) who tell student and minority looking people they are not on the list -- their id is not valid...
    3. our folks who think it's "in the bag" and will skip it or stay home or forget their absentee ballot or find out too late that the hours have changed for early voting.
    4. "Those folks" who hate so much they'll stand in the rain for hours to get rid of the black guy.
    5. And lastly, I worry about the voting machines themselves...and who or what might hack them.
    Now, more than ever, turn-out is the key. they can only steal it if it's close. we need boots on the ground again. we need 2008 again. GOTV.

    Change is inevitable. Change for the better is a full-time job. -- Adlai E. Stevenson

    by marzook on Thu Sep 27, 2012 at 01:59:36 PM PDT

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