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    We have a very small TV in the trailer and Mr. AzBlue must use binoculars to read the scores on baseball and football games!

    Our old TV sets back home will seem like big screens and our little 2-bedroom house will seem like a mansion!

    We should be back home a week from today.
    It's 102 there, and am not eager to go back to triple digit temps, but I do miss my washer and dryer!

    So many people have left the campground and it's sort of sad in a sense, but it's super quiet.
    This morning there was an elk herd just across the road!
    We couldn't get the camera and back out there soon enough.

    There is a gap in their hunting season - no hunting right now, but that will start back up in a couple weeks when gun season begins and glad we'll miss that, as I'd rather worry about encountering bears rather than hunters!

    They had bow and muzzle-loader hunting already, and some idiot killed a steer and another killed a horse from one of the outfitters.
    HUGE fines for that, but they'll never find the culprits.

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