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  •  Hmm, I'm puzzling over whether this (4+ / 0-)

    was typed ironically or mockingly:

    and given how well google works
    just saying, Google Ads sends me ads to contribute to Joe Arpaio, attend Celine Dion concerts, click to learn more about "clean coal" and so forth . . ..   (heh hehe hehe heh he ha)
    •  not the ads :} (4+ / 0-)
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      Roadbed Guy, fuzzyguy, blueoasis, gerrilea

      Sort of like this:

      It can work on anything.  It doesn't suck.  I'm badly off topic by replying, but my comment and followup are motivated by the thought that the idea of this bit of information or that bit -- whatever they are hoovering up this week -- doesn't address the likely process (in kind if not detail).  It is a process with a limitless appetite for anything that can represent association in like terms.  The bigger it is the more predictive, and also the more ways you can attempt to figure out what "like terms" means.

      But most importantly, no one kind of information is going to be all you would need to draw a picture, or seen as particularly important.  Its all important, and more now please, would be the likely outcome of such a ranking system.

      ...j'ai découvert que tout le malheur des hommes vient d'une seule chose, qui est de ne savoir pas demeurer en repos dans une chambre.

      by jessical on Fri Sep 28, 2012 at 08:33:38 AM PDT

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      •  Ooohhh so it's more like "The Matrix" ! (3+ / 0-)
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        jessical, fuzzyguy, gerrilea

        or, at least they're involved.

        In any event, Facebook is big into this type of thing as well - but apparently mostly focusing on data that people voluntarily supplied (albeit not for social engineering purposes per se . . .) so it's a tad more difficult to get worked up about that.

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