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View Diary: Poll suggests Republicans would be better off with Bush (126 comments)

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    Everybody thought it was a good idea for the Rs to keep Bush away from their convention because his unfavorables were toxic.  Damn, if Romney has even worse unfavorables, maybe they should have disinvited their candidate as well.

    I've already proposed that the single best things the Rs could do to retain any chance at all of winning would be to silence Romney.  Use a gag, use a shock collar, lock him in a broom closet, anything to make him STFU, and they might still have a chance.

    Of course the optics on not having him appear at the convention, and then not campaign, wouldn't look good.  They have to have some sort of cover story or rationalization.  

    Hey, they could do a Tea Party, tricorn hat kind of tie-in by saying that Mitt has decided to revive the early 19th century tradition of not having the candidate himself make public appearances.  Other people would be sent around to sing the praises of the candidate, to press upon the voting public the absolute need the republic has for the great man.  But to have the candidat ehimsef campaign was thought to show and unseemly eagerness for the office.

    They want everything else to go back to early 19th century, why not campaigning?

    We should have destroyed the presidency before Obama took office. Too late now.

    by gtomkins on Fri Sep 28, 2012 at 09:59:09 AM PDT

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