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View Diary: Dear Your Liberal Friend Who's Thinking of Voting for Anderson or Dr. Stein: (242 comments)

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  •  HR'd for advocating voting Third Party (3+ / 0-)
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    Lost and Found, Seattlite, kirbybruno

    during a Democratic election.

    That's a bannable offense on this site. This is a big internet; you are on a Partisan site. If you want to vote Green, all power to you, but take it somewhere else.

    As Kos said last night, "Shut the fuck up and go the fuck away" (to paraphrase) to another poster advocating for the same. Sorry for the coarse language; it's not mine.

    •  grow up (3+ / 0-)
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      neaguy, John Kelly, FutureNow

      wait, so someone can make a diary specifically about NOT voting for a third party, but its a bannable offense to disagree and say so? whats the point of even having a discussion/comments section? i'll turn this around and say that if you only want one flavor of opinion, start your own website and write it all yourself.

      if and when dailykos is going to start banning people because they wont support a democrat who assassinates american citizens then its time for us to go somewhere else. i have the pleasure of being able to vote for mike capuano and elizabeth warren on the same ballot. at the same time, i worked for jill stein when she ran for governor (against mitt romney), and i would have no problem voting for her again, if not as a matter of conscience, then as a matter of making my voice heard clearly with respect to the fact that the democratic party now feels comfortable supporting torture, assassination, and the crushing of conscientious whistle blowers -- three things we were all marching in the street against when bush did them, but are now supporting to the point of threatening to ban people when when obama does the same.

      •  From Markos, just two minutes ago (4+ / 0-)

        He banned everyone who advocated voting Third Party in this diary and everyone who uprated the comment as well. This is his website. You can start your own if you don't like the rules here, sincerely.

        These aren't my rules. They're Markos' rules!

        •  a sad commentary (3+ / 0-)
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          neaguy, John Kelly, Abuhans

          that youre running around foaming at the mouth over this. ive been a member of this site for over six years (several longer than you have), and a faithful reader almost since its inception. if markos feels like banning me or anyone else for replying to a thread about a specific topic with a different viewpoint than the rest of the circular knee jerk, then i will gladly stop reading or using dailykos. i mean, itll be weird getting banned from essentially the most widely read progressive blog because i dont support torture and extra-judicial assassination, and think the best way dissuade the democratic party from supporting torture, murder, and spying on citizens might be to withhold the occasional vote, especially when i live in a guaranteed obama state. but thats up to markos and tightwads who running around HIDE RATING people who disagree with them in a comments section.

          i seem to recall a major tenet of of this site being that the democratic party can take votes for granted. and in this case, just because the president slow jams the news and is friends with jay-z doesnt man i will vote for him when he assassinates americans. leaving my ballot blank is how i choose to voice that disagreement, and the tool i choose to use to change the democratic party for the better. you feel like just going along with whatever is the best way. so we have a difference of opinion.

          so kos and others, please ban me for this if thats your prerogative.

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