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  •  Wind energy is bread in butter in the district (2+ / 0-)
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    Wee Mama, Vatexia

    King wrote an op-ed in February this year in Politico in support of the wind energy production tax credit. I also heard him talk about it in a town hall. He brags that his district (both the existing 5th and the new 4th) has the most wind energy of any congressional district in the country. It's gravy for the farmers who receive leases for wind turbines on their land.

    Actually, he has flip-floped on the issue. In 2008, King voted against a bill that provided tax credits for renewable energy, including wind.

    King hasn't really pushed for the wind energy subsidy since last spring, and it hasn't been renewed. He's probably afraid that it might help Obama. (King is seriously obsessed with defeating Obama.)

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