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    Probably he's hoping that there are some Repub voters, not office-holders or activists, but rank-and-filers who still vote Repub because grandpa did. Some may just now, very begrudgingly, be admitting that some of their party are a bit extreme. (The many debates should have helped on this point.)

    And after all, Obama has had a few failures.

    His first team of economic advisers were half Repubs, half Wall Street Democrats, and their results showed it.

    Then he wasted all of 2011 trying to reach a Grand Bargain on the budget. This amounted to a lengthy song fest of Repub talking points about the budget, the deficit, the dangers of overspending, the excessive entitlement programs, and other crap. We would better off today if Obama had kept his mouth shut every time he was about to say "cut the budget" or "reduce the deficit" or "eliminate wasteful spending". Those Paul Ryan type words do not help advance the Democratic program.

    And here we are at the end of three and half years of the Obama Administration and the unemployment rate is over 8%. And do you hear Democrats talking about 8% unemployment and the need to do more to bring it down?

    So if some who are Repubs because their grandpas were Repubs, and who have not been paying much attention to the damage their side is doing, if they have a grandkid out of college who can't find a damn job, and they are still thinking that Obama and the Democrats haven't got very much done, well ...

    Maybe there is still some hope of a few more of those folks coming around to our side by Election Day. Yeah, maybe.

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