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View Diary: MA-Sen: Teaching Scott Brown a lesson (115 comments)

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    OMG, I actually have to think?  You mean you may be connected to Native Americans genetically or socially that is you were perhaps adopted by Native Americans and feel yourself to be a Native American.  And you still look white, or male or heterosexual or what you might call yourself.  No, it can't be, don't all white people look white and all Native Americans look like Native Americans, like their darker, like redder or something.  arn't they 'Red Men'.  Arn't there Yellow people, and white people.  Oh, Sen. Brown we are bundles of contradiction.  If we are lucky we have some bonds to each other that are dear to us.  Ms Warren's mom was of Cherokee/Delaware Native American and she and her husband elected to elope because  his people did not like her background.  This was what happened whether Ms. Warren looks like a Native American or not.  Why, Sen. Scott you know you don't look like a senator and after Nov. 6 you may not be one and all your complexity problems will be over.  

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