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  •  It is all about GOTV. If we have 2008 turnout (0+ / 0-)

    we win;  if somehow they get more of a 2004 or even a 2010 turnout, we lose.  It is that simple and always has been.

     The base of each side is pretty much set in stone. The real true indies and real undecided are few and far between.  No one will know until election day who they will ultimately decide to vote for, because they are fickle and can change on a dime....hence the reason they are undecided at the late date....they are generally low information voters and could go either way for reasons beyond our comprehension as political junkies.

          The polls are not "skewed" ...the models are just predicting a turnout of approximately 2008.....if they are right about that, we will win.  It will happen...we have our youth, our minorities, our women.  They will turn out.

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