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View Diary: Romney's Tax Returns May Hide Much More Than Low Taxes (83 comments)

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    stef, OleHippieChick, Torta

    Mitt Romney has a lot of money and makes investments he doesn't want to talk about. He is Part of the gang of dolts that collapsed the financial system four years ago and Ed lucky not to get sucked in. He's afraid we'll learn too much about his evil ways if we see his taxes. Oh, and Seamus complained before he disappeared that Mitt sexually molested him.

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      N in Seattle, bamjack

      Suspect you might be kidding about the dog...

      •  Fair assumption, because (0+ / 0-)

        I take dogs very seriously and I might track him down to get evidence and turn him over to the ASPCA.

        I don't understand cruelty to animals. I'm a dog lover who lost my companion of 11 years last year and now I'm going through redeveloping a new companion who's been with me for more than two years. He's getting there.

        I can't imagine leaving him on the roof of my car. Not to mention he's a very large dog who might collapse the roof.

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