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View Diary: Why Obama's New Teacher Incentive Pay Will Take Education Backward (254 comments)

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    Progressives need to fix education -- or it will be fixed without us.
    That should, of course, read:
    Progressives need to fix education -- or it will be 'fixed' without us.
    The problem is, your idea of 'fixing' is worse than the disease.

    I do like the argument, though. Let's see where an analogy might take us:

    You're going to be executed. You have no choice about that, it's already been decided. What you can do to take part in the process is attempt to affect the method of execution! Would you prefer poison, garroting, disembowelment, or defenestration?
    Your argument totally makes sense. I don't see how any teacher could possibly protest that there might be a better alternative to being put to death by people who don't seem to have any real motivation except profit.

    As far as your actual, sensible question go, let's see:

    If what that guy says is true, why does Merit Pay work in other countries?
    Different countries work under different conditions. Every situation has a solution, but any particular solution does not fit every situation.
    "Factors Beyond Teachers' Control" -- That's what VAM is for.
    Here are just a few examples of how and why VAM was, is, and ever will be, utter crap:

    EVAAS, Value-Added and Teacher Branding

    Gary Rubinstein on VAM

    Economic Policy Institute on VAM

    John Ewing on VAM

    A Teacher's View on VAM

    And, in the theme of the Chicago strike, Richard Rothstein

    So much for VAM. It's a crap sandwich. Stop eating it.

    "Measurement Problems" -- Measurement is not the problem, it's the solution. If you are afraid teachers will teach to the test (they will), just use a tougher test.
    Ha ha ha! Make the high-stakes fiasco even harder! Brilliant! That'll totally fix everything!
    "Teaching is a complex profession, and teachers do a lot in the interest of students that really isn't measurable." -- Oh really? If it can't be measured, how do you know it gets done? Or is this like the Emperor's New Clothes?
    Go read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". When you are done, give me a precise definition of "quality".

    (Yes, it's a sophomoric exercise, but it fits.)

    "Misunderstanding Human Motivation" -- Didn't we just go through this?
    Well, somebody sure seems to be misunderstanding something. (Don't look now, but I think it's you...)

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