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View Diary: UPDATED::: BRAC LIST OUT::North and South Dakota Air Force Base Closing (101 comments)

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  •  Detail on the Groton subbase (none)

    Detail on Groton Subbase Closing

    Democrats and Republicans here are both completely shocked.  Governor Rell (R) vows to fight.  Sen. Lieberman (D) & CT2 Rep Simmons (R) are also committed to keeping the base.  Apparently, the final word on the base closing  will be given in September.

    Senator Lieberman is for once right.  He says that we have obviously learned nothing from Pearl Harbor and from 9/11.  When you have an enemy who can attack us here in the USA, you are beyond foolish to be putting all your submarines at one base where they are easier to destroy in a single attack.

    Wait a minute; I have to adjust my tinfoil hat around my ears.  Ah, it fits nicely now; reception is good.
        This ridiculous move by BRAC makes a great possible political move by the Republicans.  CT may vote blue in Presidential elections, but it has a Republican governor and a Republican Congressional delegation (3 R's to 2 D's).  What a great forum for them to demonstrate effectiveness if they succeed in saving Groton just prior to beginning their reelection campaigns.  Rell is up for election in 2006, as of course, is the whole House.

    However, if these closings are really done, Simmons is definitely toast, and perhaps Rell as well.  Given the NYT article about Republican moderates getting a clue and finally feeling Threatened, Republicans may not regard either Rell or Simmons as a plus, and are happily cutting them loose in the hope of getting theocrats elected her in CT instead.  

    •  makes Leiberman more (none)
      vulnerable to a primary challenge. Simmons is toast. I don't think it will effect Rell.

      All in all, not so bad for Democrats unless it is a setup. List Groton for closing in May and allow a "save" in September?

      SOCIAL SECURITY: Invented by Democrats yesterday, Protected by Democrats today

      by mollyd on Fri May 13, 2005 at 08:21:10 AM PDT

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      •  Hell, Even Extreme Liberal (none)
        Rep. Sam Gejdensen (D-CT) never managed to lose the entire Groton Subbase.  Bet the district wishes he was back.  At least he yelled real good and created a massive stink everytime the Navy sent more subs to be made down in Virginia.

        Maybe Lieberman will find his wife another lobbyist job with General Dynamics as payback for his not fighting the sub base closing.

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