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View Diary: Ouch. Jim Webb Shames/Eviscerates/Drops the Boom Stick on Romney. With Video (134 comments)

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    For me, not having a candidate with military experience in a Presidential election is refreshing.
    As a long-time peace activist, I'm a bit weary of military service being a qualifier.  People serve for various reasons, often out of lack of economic/educational opportunity to do anything else.  They often put in their time, then wrap themselves in the flag for the rest of their lives.
    This opinion may seem ungrateful, but I will change it if anyone can tell me which war in the past 65 or so years was genuinely fought to preserve our safety or freedom in any way?  Perhaps the closest is Afghanistan, and we know how much good that one did us.
    What is relevant here is that Obama's age removed military service as a political necessity, so his actions regarding it are morally neutral.  Romney, on the other hand, took positions and actions that show him to be a huge hypocrite.

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