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View Diary: Ouch. Jim Webb Shames/Eviscerates/Drops the Boom Stick on Romney. With Video (134 comments)

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  •  In "The Real Romney" Mitt lies about 1968. (0+ / 0-)

    There are two main lies in his authorized biography about that one year. That book's "real" title could be "The Fabulist Romney."

    These tales are in pages 80-83.

    First Lie: Romney blames the other driver (Bishop Jean Vilnet) for the accident that killed Mrs. Leola Anderson, a mother of four, on June 16th 1968.

    Mitt Romney's Driving Killed Leola Anderson. His Cover-Up Tale is Proved Dishonest

    Research in France and Germany identified Bishop Vilnet from a photograph taken in the Bazas hospital the morning of June 17th. That project was kicked out when analysis of the damage to the two cars in that wreck was not consistent with Romney's description of the accident. Bottom line: Romney had to have been responsible for that accident -- he drove into an on-coming Left Turn lane.

    Second lie: a bizarre claim that Romney was in "a three day coma." Poor fellow.

    "The Real Romney": Authorized Biography Echoes Fabulist Inventions

    Here is Willard Mitt Romney on the morning of that June 17th in a standard ward bed, talking with the photographer:

    Reports back to newspapers in the U.S. -- including Mrs. Anderson's obituary in the Ogden Standard-Examiner, evening edition of that June 17th -- state clearly:

    "Willard (Mitt) Romney, 21, son of Governor George Romney of Michigan, who is serving as a missionary in France and who was driving the car, suffered minor head injuries and torn ligaments to one elbow. He was expected to leave hospital in about two days."
    Of course this guy is loopy. Risk avoidance is close to zero.

    He lied to avoid responsibility for the death of Mrs. Anderson, then lied further on down the line to generate false pity. (An imaginary French policeman is also said to have written "Il est mort" -- "He is dead" in Romney's passport. The person who died was Mrs. Anderson: "La dame est morte" would have been the notation, posted by a medical examiner here in the nonfiction universe.)

    The folks who are Major League loopy, here, are the professionals in the Republican Party. Five years running for president, lots of money available, and no one checked him out. Consider Cheney and Palin for similar recruiting incompetence.

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