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View Diary: Alice Walker: Palestinian Oppression Is "More Brutal" Than the Jim Crow South (45 comments)

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    I use the term gender apartheid all the time to describe countries like Saudi Arabia. Any where where whole sections of society are denied the basic civil rights of others in that society can and should be described as apartheid. Israel is an apartheid society of one of the worse kinds.

    The difference between other apartheid societies and Israel is that there aren't westerners who are prepared to support the oppressors in other countries. We all tend to condemn them and therefore it's simply not controversial. With Israel there are many who support the Israeli administration regardless of their actions and who simply adopt a hear no evil see no evil mentality.

    That'swhat make the IP conflict the source of such controversy around the world and especially in the US where interviews like this one with Walker rarely take place. Americas media have failed you badly, very badly on the the atrocities suffered by the Palestinian people and have permitted Americans to grow a tortoise shell of indifference to their plight the like of which you'd never see applied to other oppressed peoples.

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